• The Fey Queen Mini

Updated Colored Loading Screens!!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The original colored loading screens have been updated to the new format implemented with the Sims 4 re-brand update. All previous colors included, now with 6 new shades and 1 new variant palette, and a white for the lovers of the OG loading screen!! Also included is a super special gradient palette: Summer in Sulani!! Happy Simming!!

This new loading screen works only on the loading plumbob screen. I will be working on my world selection screen recolors very soon so keep an eye out for those.

78 colors to choose from!!

Summer in Sulani Gradient Palette

13 options to choose from.

*Please note that colors may vary based on monitor settings*

*Only install ONE package at a time*


*Download link will lead to a Google drive folder with each palette in their own folders, you can choose to either download a zip with all the colors of a palette or just one individual color.

Sim File Share folder in case anyone can't access the google drive files