• The Fey Queen Mini

Colored Plumbobs Mod

From the Queen who brought you custom loading screens, I now present to you custom plumbobs. Give your loading screens even more spice with my new colored plumbobs.

Some of you may know that I've been working on this project for a while, I was originally planning to release it earlier this year but I put together my Black Lives Matter Project instead. You can read more about that here. I am so glad that it is finally ready for everyone. Currently available in 34 colors, listed in bright, dark, and pastel variations, more styles and colors to come soon. I've also taken the time to update the Black Power Fist plumbob replacement and added a handful more replacements for the Star Wars fans, like myself. Don't forget to get your Star Wars themed loading screens here.

This only changes the plumbob on loading screens. Only use one at a time, can be used with any custom loading screen and custom loading text mod. There may be a shadow-like box visible depending on which loading screen you pair it with but I can't do anything to change that (if it is even possible at all) without breaking your loading screens and I didn't want to limit y'all like that.

Downloads are through Google Drive but you can download zips directly at my patreon site. Previews are included in all zips and Google Drive folders.

Brights Dark Pastels

Black Power Fist Replacements

Star Wars Replacements

Sim File Share folder in case anyone can't access the google drive files