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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This is my Black Lives Matter loading screen project.

Everyday black men, women, and children face injustice due to nothing more than the color of their skin. Whether it be at the hands of the police in the form of excessive brutality, at the hands of a white supremacist in the form of a hate crime, or at the hands of a neighbor, peer, or "friend" in the form of microaggressions. Many of these heartless and senseless acts end in the loss of a precious life.

Black people fighting for equity has been a centuries long battle. And we demonstrate the fight in many different ways, i.e., protests, boycotts, riots. This project was created as a way for me show that I stand with those fighting against violence and systemic racism.

Because ALL Black Lives Matter. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. Always have, and always will.

This project includes 28 new loading screen options, 2 plumbob replacements, and an edit for the loading screen tips.

All of the loading screen backgrounds proudly state the message "BLACK LIVES MATTER"

Some state the familiar slogan "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE," for the disturbance of peace will continue so long as there is injustice

Some have the phrase "I CAN'T BREATHE," words that too many times have been one of the last things said by those black people who have perished at hands of police brutality

Some have the raised fist of power, often used to show solidarity and support in the pursuit of black power

Some have the progressive pride flag as the background because black LGBTQIA+ lives matter too

When I first started making loading screen mods the one thing I knew I didn't want to do was change/remove the plumbob, I didn't even know if it was possible at the time but I had thought about it. The plumbob has always been and will always be the iconic symbol of the Sims franchise. But this. This movement. This demand for change was the first thing to prompt me to want to replace that plumbob with something else. The Black Power Fist, used to show solidarity and unity in the fight for equality for black people.

The last package in this project is one that nearly broke my heart while making. It changes the tips on the loading screen to say the names of those who were killed due to police brutality and white supremacy. I tried to include as many names as I could find, though we know there are many, many more who names are unknown or have not been publicized.

With this list I also prioritized the names of the women, as they are often left in the shadows and do not receive as much coverage to their cases as the men do. I also included the names of some black trans women who have been the victims of homophobia and hate crimes. Because you cannot say black lives matter and not care about the lives of black gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, and all black people on the gender spectrum. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period.

I hope that having these mods in your game, any one or all of them, brings you some of the same peace, comfort, and power that it brought to me as we continue to say their names and celebrate their lives while fighting for liberation.

I encourage everyone that would like to download this mod to please support the cause further by donating what you can and signing petitions.

I have set up a campaign under the Black Girl Gamers team for donations to Color Of Change. Color of Change leads campaigns that build real power for Black communities. They challenge injustice, hold corporate and political leaders accountable, commission game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advance solutions for racial justice that can transform our world. Learn more about them here: Color Of Change

While our campaign has ended you can still donate directly to Color of Change if you would like to help their cause.

Thanks to EbonixSims for this list of protester bail out organizations and for organizing a simmer BLM rally taking place on June 7, 2020

Protester Bail Out Organizations

Simmer BLM Rally

Thanks to daintyjimn on twitter for these helpful links and info

All of these mods (one loading screen, one plumbob replacement, and the text edit) can be used together and will conflict with other mods that change any of these in game aspects.

As shown in the preview above all loading screens, not including the pride versions, come in 2 versions, black background with white words and white background with black words. The white background versions are labeled with -alt.

All Loading Screens

Separate Loading Screens


The Black Power Fist plumbob replacement comes in 2 versions. One with a white background and one without. I suggest using the one with the box on the black background loading screen or it will not be visible.

Plumbob Replacement

Loading Screen Text Replacement - #SayTheirNames

Sim File Share folder in case anyone can't access the google drive files